About Us

Based in Nagpur, DivineFX is the largest regional stockist of special effects equipment. Our SFX technicians are specialized in all aspects of providing special effects for indoor and outdoor events, big or small.

We believe that a festival or event is not complete without special effects. It is an essential part of the show. That one mindblowing moment when everything comes together. A sky full of confetti & streamers, the heat of the flames, a powerful blast of CO2 or bubbles floating through the air… Divine!


Here at Divine FX we’re proud to stock the region’s largest inventory of industry-leading, cutting-edge equipment and we’re confident that we can help you achieve your desired effect, regardless of size or scale.


We will lead the way to the future of special effects. We design, develop and supply innovative, top quality and safe special fx products. We go beyond imagination and make the impossible possible! Our range offers endless possibilities to create the greatest show ever.

Backstage we strive for perfection, day in, day out. We always move forward. Innovation, excellent service, creativity, passion and attention to detail is listed on our rider. We create next level effects together with the best special effects companies in the world to match and exceed the expectations. Enough said, check out our product range. We hope you love it as much as we do.


Want to make you Event more exciting ? We are here for you.

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