Flame Fx

Flames are always impressive when added into a show, no matter how you use them, who doesn’t love seeing flame columns or fireballs shooting skywards?


Safety is always our first concern when using flame effects so we make sure we only use the highest quality equipment and the most skilled technicians, ensuring the safest possible environment for everyone involved.


No matter which type of flame effect you choose, we can create a unique look to give your audience a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

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MAGICFX Flamaniac®

  • No Use of LPG
  • Works on Special flame fluid
  • 4 different flame colours (yellow, orange, red, green)
  • 5 different output angles
  • Immediate response, very fast flame effects
  • DMX Controllable with Safety Channel
  • 2 red warning LED’s to Alert the artist on Stage
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